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                                                                   A Totalitarian Educational Curriculum Vitae  

                                                           Izidor Predan – Pupil, Schoolboy, Student, 5 Years Jobless Jurist                    

                                                How I when an Underage Became a Political Enemy of President Milan Kučan   

This is a testimony of an excommunicated young person in a democratic country, who  possesses proofs in writing about his statements. 

With everything written bellow about my life, I can say that  I was not fighting   at school,  I have not said anything political. 

President Milan Kučan's discrimination  has accompanied me since I have been 9 years old till today, when I am 38 years. The former president does this on the basis of my birth, because of my grandfather Franc Miklavčič and  because of my mother, Neva Miklavčič Predan, freedom of expression in public affairs. After the independence of Slovenia they have fought for the erased non-Slovene citizens, while Kučan and Borut Pahor have fought against the erased. Kučan as president  is responsible for the erasure, an administrative ethnic cleansing. No sanctions were introduced against him and Kučan can freely take vengeance on Neva Miklavčič Predan, who has proven the erasure at UN CERD Commission in Geneva with a Helsinki Monitor of Slovenia  Report 2002. Kučan's vengeance  has extended to me and also to my grandfather. The report from primary school to my efforts to finish studies of law is necessary so that a continuum of my persecution can be seen as deliberately performed in the state educational system on the order of Milan Kučan, retired as president for 18 years now. 


Primary School and Kučan's Place of Birth 

At France Bevk Primary School of Ljubljana I have been a peaceful, excellent and diligent pupil. Teachers I perceived as a climax of knowledge. In 3rd class, when I was 9 and 10 years old the situation collapsed. We estimated that the teachers have been attacking me because of the establishment of Helsinki Monitor of Slovenia for Human Rights. Several teachers have started to attack me simultaneously: Silva Strgar first, from 5th grade on Metka Spasić, teacher of mathematics Ljubica Galun, Violeta Stefanović, Irena Sluga, teacher of physics Škoberne, 6 teachers have been attacking me. More than a half of them, together with the assistant of the headmistress, Kučan's sister Jasna Banjac, have not been Slovenes. By persecuting me they became greater Slovenians than me. They started to deal with me publicly in front of the class, I had to stand in front of the black-board.The dealings with me on pillory has lasted an hour and a half and then the comrade Strgar called  the school psychologist to assist her in lynching me, but the school psychologist who came, saw what was happening and immediately stopped the lynching. 

The comrades, tovarišice, this is how we called our teachers, have started to systematically instigate my schoolmates against me. The consequence was that I was excommunicated from the class and that the schoolmates started to attack me and use abusive language against me. They wanted to appear loyal to comrades and the school as an institution. This has been a permanent, years long mobbing from two sides, the comrades and the schoolmates. The law of the street prevailed, they threatened me, sent me threatening letters that they are going to kill me. Several schoolmates threatened me with open knives. A schoolmate Sabljić, son of a criminalist, thrusted his Swiss knife towards me. My mother protested at school against mobbing, at the Inspectorate and the Ministry of Education and they held a meeting at school for all teachers. They were surprised to see that Kučan's sister was employed there, it was not known that president Kučan had any sisters. They came from Serbia to Slovenia after the independence. 

The school social worker called me and my schoolmate Sabljić to her office. She opened the schoolmate's  Swiss knife in front of me, swung it through the air and then pointed it at me. In this way she perfidiously threatened me. 

The comrade for mathematics, Ljubica Galun summoned me to her cabinet and there she tested me in isolation by the help of the teacher for physics, Škoberne. Today I know that this is a violation of the testing of knowledge. While I was filling in the test questions, the teachers commented loudly that all is wrong and that I will not succeed with the test. The comrade Galun said in the end that the mark of the test is good, but she did not write it in the marks register intentionally to lower the mark in the school certificate. The comrades sent me home to bring them certain tests and I went home in fear. In the mean time I have telephoned to my mother who was abroad on a conference and she sent my grandfather Franc Miklavčič to school to find out what was happening to me. Before that event my mother informed  the secretary of president Kučan's protocol and suggested that the situation at school  could get under control by the help of Kučan's sister as the headmistresses assistant. It did not. But it worked in the opposite direction. 

Despite of pogroms my school certificate marks were excellent. 

The final school excursion was planned to Prekmurje, village Križevci, together with the headmistress Maja Petkovšek and her assistant Jasna Banjac. The headmistress Petkovšek told us that Križevci were the birthplace of president Milan Kučan, that she herself was born there as well as her assistant Jasna Banjac, Kučan's sister. Kučan's house of birth was there. 

It was known at school that Jasna Banjac was Kučan's sister and that Kučan had another sister Marković from Serbia because their mother was deported to Serbia, village Pilatovići by Čačak, where Milan Kučan was born as well. From Serbia Kučan is a relative of Zoran Janković, the Ljubljana mayor. Križevci are not the birthplace of Kučan or his sister Banjac. Križevci are Kučan's Kumrovec, as the birthplace of Tito for promotion of Kučan's personality cult on the basis of false birth data. In an interview in Zagreb emission Nedeljom u dva on HRT, Croatian Radio Television in 2003 Kučan showed his identity card on the demand of the journalist. There Čačak was written as his birthplace, his identity card was zoomed. Kučan himself stated in Wikipedia that he was born at Križevci. 


The Bishop's Grammar School against the Grandson of the Dissident Franc Miklavčič

I was registered in the Bishop's Grammar School in order to be saved from Kučan's state school. All Kučan' s horror came there after me. 

At the Bishop's Grammar School the problem with drugs existed, which I was offered by the schoolmates. As I did not take it, I was not the right schoolmate. When the schoolmates told me that the Bishop's Grammar School is meant for the Domobranci, Home Guard and what am I doing there as a grandson of a Partisan, I  decided to leave the Bishop's Grammar School. My grandfather was and remained a Christian Socialist. Because he wrote an article A Political Lie or a Historical Truth, where he demanded a public debate about the after WW II killings of Home Guard prisoners of war in Slovenia, he was as a judge taken out of court room  to prison and sentenced to 5 yrs and 8 months of  imprisonment. By the assistance of the New York Times report from the process and the London Amnesty International, Franc Miklavčič was amnestied by Tito. That happened long before I was born. 

I firmly decided to leave the Jesuit Grammar School also because a certain pupil there committed a suicide as Jesuit terror reigned there. A schoolmate from my class tried to commit a suicide as well. My mother said, if someone wants to make an atheist from the child, let him register in the Bishop's Grammar School. 


The Grammar School Moste and Kučan's General 

From the Bishop's Grammar School I registered to the Grammar School Moste, not knowing that Kučan's shadow will follow and persecute me even there. I could see myself that the drugs ruled over there and a reputation of someone who does not use drugs came there after me. I have somehow vegetated through the third to the fourth grade. Already in the third grade certain comrades lined up against me in order to denigrate me among classmates. After being alerted the headmistress Nika Gams did not want to act against the mobbing activities of certain comrades. At that time the newspaper Večer published a HMS list of 24 YPA officers who illegally bought army flats and houses. HMS did that while fighting against forced evictions of mainly technical YPA employees and not officers. Kučan's  counsellor for military affairs, general Milovan Zorc has been on the list, brother of the headmistress of the Grammar School Moste, Nika Gams. In this way I was encircled without knowing why. 

Towards the end of Kučan's presidential mandate, on the day of 12.12.2002 schoolmates expelled me from the class at the beginning of mathematics in the presence of the teacher: »Get out, get lost, let your mother get flats for us as well! Out, out!« And when I walked out: »Bravo!« 

The teacher of mathematics yelled at them, but she was shouted down, later she witnessed at court to my favour. Schoolmates were approaching me to  fight me, to throw me out of the class physically. I took my schoolbag and went out to the hall. From there I called to HMS. Mother told me to wait 15 minutes outside in case that the teacher calls me back. If she does not, I should come to HMS. 

After that the headmistress was reluctant to introduce order in the class and guarantee any safety  at school to me. In this way I failed the class for the first time. Then three grammar schools refused to register me to take the  fourth grade again and in this way they completely excommunicated me from the state educational system. There was a complete Jewish Arbeit Verbot for me. 

The spring 2003 press conference of HMS about this brutal communist pogrom against me as pupil was well covered. Aside from a great number of HR violations cases in the independent Republic of Slovenia,  HMS published my case as well in the Slovenia Parallel Report to UN CERD. The report was presented to the CERD commission at UN Geneva on 13.3.2003 and succeeded to internationally prove the erasure of non-Slovenes in 1992. 

Ivan Zvonimir Čičak, president of HHO, Croatian Helsinki Committee, who came to Ljubljana to a press conference of HMS then learned about the school pogrom against me. He was indignant. He himself has experienced excommunication when he was thrown out of grammar school in Yugoslavia, for political reasons, because of the »Croatian Spring«. After the independence of Croatia one of his daughters was persecuted in grammar school because of actions of HHO. Čičak did everything for my rescue. Even though he has 5 children he organised and payed school fee for private classical grammar school in Zagreb. There I  could in peace take the same year again, passed 7 differential exams, finished 4th year of grammar school with very good mark, the final exam with very good mark and therefor I could register to study law as a regular student with sufficient  points back in Slovenia. 

To protect my personal integrity I sued the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia and the Grammar School Moste for damages. The court proceedings were specially monitored by HHO, HMS and CERD, Centre for Development of Democracy from Split, Croatia.  District judge Božena Novak issued illegal judgement aqainst all evidence on the basis of abuse of authority, prohibited  by art. 257 KZ-1 of  Penal Code. Such judgements are issued for citizens on the secret court list of political enemies of the president Milan Kučan. With all proofs I lost the court case and was ordered to pay 3000 eur for court expenses of the Ministry of Education. In due time I asked the Ministry for excuse of payment according to art. 319 and 322 of Obligations Code. Knowing that I fulfill  the conditions for acquittal of debt, the Ministry for Education of RS has not replied till today, that is for 12 years since 2010. This means that the Ministry is performing an illegal act of »silence of the state organ« which is bound to answer citizens  in 60 days. In the mean time the interest rate of the Ministry is rising to my additional damage and my bank account has been blocked for 12 years. 


The Defence of Diploma on 30th September 2016 and Kučan's Hand of Injustice

It seemed already that Kučan's behind the curtains effort was wasted, but no, he prepared his last but one and the last attack on my education. 

Owners of private firms with limited liability and shareholders, came to HMS as clients.  The court illegally erased their companies  without introducing bankruptcy or liquidation procedures. As a volunteer I came to know about this problem. Studying law  my mentor suggested to me this subject for the enclosed diploma. I have passed all the exams and have received from the dean Vesna Rijavec the Decision of the defense of the diploma to be held on the 30th September 2016 before the 3 members commission. 

That morning at 8 o'clock  my mentor, a member of the commission, and I have gathered at the Faculty but the third member had an unexcused nonappearance. Mentor tried to get a substitute member, but the dean forbid professors to become a substitute member of the commission. In that way the defence of my diploma was obstructed. The next day Bologne Study program had started and I have never received a new date for the defence of the diploma. Persecution started  against me at the Ministry of education of Republic of Slovenia, as supposedly  I have lost my right to graduate via the old UNI law studies program. I had to enrol the Bologne program and I graduated next year and received the  degree  of a graduated jurist,  insufficient to take the state jurist exam, necessary to take practice as a judge or lawyer practitioner.  Even so the dean Rijavec had continued with her criminal  actions. She has not  given me the diploma for 8 months  intentionally, so that I could not continue Bologne 2nd stage abroad and she actually has obstructed it.

No court judgement exists, that would  excuse the criminal obstruction of the defence of my diploma, carried out by the leadership of Law Faculty of the University of Maribor.

Upon my request the dean Rijavec had granted an excuse of scholarship for one grade of my masters studies, but for the second grade she forbid  the Senate to decide on the excuse of scholarship. Last year she sent me a non- understandable  letter, not a decision, so that I could not sue them. Via Labor Office I have been applying for  jobs with no success for 5 years. 

As a person on a secret Kučan’s list   I am on social welfare, with that I cannot pay the scholarship. 

With intention that the defence of the diploma should be allowed, I had filled a complaint to the Ministry of education and to the premier of Slovene Government, Miro Cerar. The Government state Secretary Ljiljana Kozlović was dealing  with the case and in her reply she lyingly tried to exculpate the dean Rijavec from responsibility for prohibition of the diploma defence and blaming me for faculty’ sabotage of my diploma. Kozlović sent her lies  from the Cabinet Office of premier Miro Cerar with his authorisation. 

The main cause of obstruction of the defence of my diploma , which suits all academic standards has been that the diploma resists with arguments  a state led robbery of the century by confiscation of private property owned by partners of companies with limited liability -a large scale robbery committed by female  judges, that is the State. According to the old communist practice such an attitude of the diploma could be perceived as “verbal offence” penal act of former Yugoslavia but in democracy this is  the human right of “the freedom of expression”, guaranteed by the Constitution of Slovenia. Needless to say that this reason can only be assumed as it has not been openly stated anywhere. 

The leadership of the Law Faculty at Maribor, who criminally prevented me the defence of  the diploma in order to prevent my graduation    violated my constitutional right  of  freedom of expression, which I am going to expose in my constitutional initiative. 


The Injustice Reparation Law and a New Constitutional  Initiative

The Government of Janez Janša has issued  The Injustice Reparation Law exactly for these erased entrepreneurs, that I have advocated in my, subsequently  forbidden  diploma. 

Outside  of injustice reparation regarding this matter in connection  to my diploma there is only myself left out.  So I got an idea that I file a constitutional initiative against  the ZVIS Law that had retroactively  taken away the right of finishing  studies to a large number of students in Slovenia, following the former state university program. In contradiction  with  law and the rule of law  the Higher Education Law (ZVIS) is unconstitutional and illegal. ZVIS,  amendment  D  nullifies  the exams, passed according to the former  valid state program, also diplomas of large numbers of students in Slovenia, with an intent  that old party structures preserve their ruling position without competition of younger generations. In other countries all the students registered in the former university study programs are allowed to finish their exams and other obligations  according to the former program, but not in Slovenia, as the attitude of the  Republic of Slovenia towards youth  has been  devastating and hostile years back. 

In my case, where I have fulfilled all study obligations and have handed over the diploma and have received  the Decision on the defence of the diploma, there is also an act of nullifying so far fulfilled study obligations  according to old UNI Law program  and they demand from me that I must perform two additional grades so that I could reach in the Bologne program the level of education, that I have already reached in the year 2016. In that way a positive decision  of constitutional initiative  would be useful for me, so I am proving my legal interest. The interest especially  grounded  with the fact that old party structures are blocking the opportunity  for me to finish  two grades of masters law studies according to Bologne program as well.   

I am treated like that, as a political enemy of Kučan, determined with his list, that no state institution  may grant me any rights. 

There are known examples of forged diplomas, plagiarisms, buying diplomas, criminal gaining of diplomas , but there is no known example vice versa, as in my case, where a criminal act of destroying my diploma by preventing  the defence of the diploma has been committed by the dean. To prosecute such criminal act by criminal denunciation  against  the dean Rijavec would fail as well, because  I  am  on the court, prosecutors and educational lists of Kučan’s political enemies even though I have never given any political statement. 


In USA Lists of President's Political Enemies are Forbidden 

My educational curriculum vitae shows that noone is too young in Slovenia to be as a child  determined a political enemy of the president and then to be savagely maltreated in the state educational system. The damage inflicted on me has been  enormous in supposedly democratic society of independent Slovenia. Not during the time of Tito's Informbiro after the end of WW 2, when even schoolboys were sentenced to the Island of Goli, like for example the legendary Radovan Hrast, the author of the book The Time Which is not There (Mladinska knjiga 1991). The Time Which is not There can be understood as the time, the life, stolen, destroyed by criminals and then they claim that it has never happened.

My life experience in especially for me criminal educational system of the new democratic state order of the Republic of Slovenia – is something which should never have happened. But it happened and it continues to happen against my own existence by boycott of an excommunicated young man. Almost all my life, 30 years is a long period of time to think, why anything like that can happen at all. 

A new state, the Republic of Slovenia came into existence, with a new socio - economic order – but with the same president of the new state. When a new state is created the president of the state is changed, Milan Kučan, Slovenian Tito. Milan Kučan, 18 years after his three presidential mandates, is executing his devastating projects with lists of his political enemies at courts and elsewhere. This is why in Slovenia we do not have independent courts, we do not have independent media. I am not really lodged at the Goli Island, yet the maltreatment of me, setting  me outside the law within the state educational system – continues unpunished, with abundant Kučan’s assistance, systematically, long lastingly, existentially threatening. Publishing  my educational curriculum vitae on our web sites is a rebellion against the described local Nazism. 

It is no coincidence that after 5 years of writing applications for a job, even very modest ones, at Petrol, assistance to old people, town constable, administrative unit, I am never chosen. This is the effect of lists of political enemies that I am in a complete blockade. This is why I  have turned to the Government RS regarding three questions, which could be at present solved out of all this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                  Izidor Predan  

Kučanova moderna država                                                18. 3. 2022

Aljazeera Balkans d.o.o., generalni direktor  Tarik ĐOĐIĆ
Trg djece Sarajeva 1, Sarajevo

AVAZ ROTO PRESS d.o.o., Glavni i odgovorni urednik Nermin Demirović
Tešanjska 24b, 71 000 Sarajevo

BN d.o.o., radio i televizija Bijeljina, Laze Kostića 146, 76300 Bijeljina


Poštovani urednici,

Al Jazeera Balcans intervju bivšeg predsednika Slovenije Milana Kučana od 1.3.2022, sniman u Ljubljani, dao je maha Kučanu da iznosi prognoze EU za novi rat u BiH. Kučan je doslovce rekao da iz BiH trebamo stvoriti "modernu europsku državu", a za taj cilj  EU treba da se više angažuje te da je glavna prepreka za stvaranje moderne države iz sadašnje BiH upravo Daytonski sporazum. Daytonski sporazum je stvorio mir u BiH sa Daytonskim internim granicama između tri nacije  u BiH. Rezultat poništenje Daytonskog sporazuma i prisilnog učlanjivanja u EU te Nato znači prekrajanje granica i rat u Bosni. Treba napomenuti da Kučan nije međunarodna institucija nego obični građan i penzioner  te nema nikakve nadležnosti uplitati se u bilo koju stranu nezavisnu državu.

Ali Kučan to radi kao zagovornik uvođenja NWO, novog svetskog poredka tajnih društava Masona. Šta to znači treba svaki novinar istražiti na stranicama Davosa i UN-a, koji u agendama 21 i 30 pripremaju propast svih nacionalnih držva i svih naroda sveta. To je ono što Kučan želi stvarati kao "moderne države", a opljačkane, bez državnosti, bez privatne svojine, bez hrane, sa namerno otrovanom vodom, sa tajnim biološkim laboratorijuma. itd., baš kakvu je Sloveniju stvorio Milan Kučan, na vlasti 15 godina i dodatno kao penzioner 18 godina, nema razlike. Dali Al Jazeera kao muslimanska medijska kuća želi sve to podupreti, pa da nije Kučana malo bolje ispitala o detajlima njegove EU moderne države, koji najviše zanimaju obične državljane? Dali bi se državljani država na Balkanu složili s eutanazijom za bolesne i starce i naše roditelje. Nedavno je EU odobrila posebno plastično prozirno ležište sa poklopcem kao pomoć kod samoubistva. Takve su prioritete i EU standardi, koji nisu ispunjeni na Balkanu.

Ako ne prije, novinari mogli bi barem sada, kada je Kučan izašao na vidjelo u slovenačkim medijima ne samo s ratnim huškaštvom u BIH, nego i sa ratnim huškaštvom za Ukrajinu i Rusiju, gdje lako može početi 3. svetski rat, nuklearni rat, kojeg se konačno boji čak i papa Frančišek. Sada bi svi odgovorni mediji morali smirivati situaciju u Ukrajini i istražiti istinu na svakom koraku.

Svakome je jasno da je Kučan u intrevjuju za Al Jazeeru izveo ratno huškaštvo za BIH, a baš u to vreme jedinice sa EUFOR tenkovima i 3500 stranih vojnika te sa francuskim avionima okupirale su Bosnu, koja srečom nije članica EU i nije članica Nata. Ovakve vojne izjave Milana Kučana nas nikako ne iznenađuju kao nevladinu organizaciju za ljudska prava, jer mi držimo da je Milan Kučan kao tadašnji predsednik objektivno odgovoran za etničko čišćenje Slovenije sa administrativnim pristupom izbrisa stalnih stanovnika neslovenačke narodnosti. Mi smo od početka našeg rada u 1994. godini imali posla sa napadima Milana Kučana na našu organizaciju HMS, zbog naših aktivnosti protiv administrativnog etničnog čišćenja Slovenije, specialno  čišćenja od  izbrisanih bosanskih i srpskih radnika.  Mi danas držimo Milana Kučana objektivno odgovornog za etničko čišćenje Slovenije od početka dobijanja nezavisnosti 1992. godine. Za ovaj zločin Kučanu nije bilo suđeno u Haagu zbog objektivne odgovornosti, ni za krivokletstvo kao svedoka u Haagu.

Osim intervjuja Milana Kučana u Al Jazeera Balkans na ovo obrazloženje naveo nas je i intervju predsednika RS Aleksandra Vučića u Dnevnom Avazu, koji ne huška Bosnu, za razliku od Kučana on upozorava Bosnu protiv novog rata, "Mir nema cijenu".

Molimo za objavu naše izjave. Baš danas kancler Austrije  Karl Nehamer objasnio je situaciju EU okupacije BIH  kao preventive protiv ruskog utjecaja na Balkan.

Neva Miklavčič Predan, predsednica

Strokovne tožilke na čakanju in družinske vezi                                 16. 1. 2022

 »Vlada blokira tožilce vseh vrst«,  v Dnevniku poroča Peter Lovšin dne   2.12.2021, str. 1,3. Naloga vlade je imenovanje kandidatov, a okoli 30 kandidatov vlada že dlje časa noče imenovati, ker jo »motijo nekateri priimki kandidatk in njihove družinske vezi.« Med njimi je višja tožilka Mateja Jadrič Zajec, »čeprav gre za strokovno podkovano in neoporečno tožilko«, s katero pa je Helsinški monitor Slovenije za človekove pravice imel nekatere nestrokovne in oporečne zaplete v določenih ovadbah, ki jih je podal HMS. Kljub temu, ali prav zaradi tega je imenovana tožilka napredovala v višjo tožilko, sedaj pa želi postati vrhovna tožilka. 

Res neverjetno da bi rada postala vrhovna tožilka zdaj še višja tožilka Nikolaja Hožič, od 2005 – 2007 tožilka v  političnem procesu zoper mene kot predsednico HMS zaradi verbalnega delikta.  Kakšne pa so tukaj družinske vezi, komu v tem primeru ni bil všeč priimek Miklavčič, da so v treh generacijah uprizarjali kazenske procese zoper določene člane, članice družine Miklavčič – katerih izobčenstvo se nadaljuje do današnjega dne. S procesom me tožilka Nikolaja Hožič ni uspela obsoditi, zaradi intervenc iz tujine. Uspela je izvesti mednarodni škandal, zaradi katerega nikoli ne bi smela v demokratični državi napredovati  nikamor, pa je napredovala do višje tožilke, na podlagi nalogov klanov starih političnih struktur, ki so ji naročili, kaj naj dela. V Sloveniji, z večnim predsednikom Milanom Kučanom 30 let je običajno, da sodnice in tožilke skokovito napredujejo, če delajo po nalogih tajnih spiskov in delajo. Takih primerov imamo več. Milanu Kučanu je pokojninski dodatek 5000 eur uredil rimo katolik Tonin od NSI, dvojno pokojnino okoli 10.000 eur da je lahko brez skrbi zelo aktiven in je bil, ko je zastonj dobil pisarno iz proračuna še po upokojitvi.

Družinske vezi Petra Čeferina 

Druga višja tožilka Katjuša Čeferin je na čakanju, ker ima ta priimek in je žena ustavnega sodnika Roka Čeferina in so družinske vezi z družino Petra Čeferina.  Stranka SDS in Vlada Janeza Janše oklevajo imenovati za vrhovno tožilko višjo tožilko Katjušo Čeferin, morda nastrojeni proti družinskim klanom starih političnih sil. 

Mi lahko poročamo samo o svojih izkušnjah s tastom tožilke Katjuše Čeferin. Zaradi pravniških in tožilskih klanov je treba pojasniti, kaj je imel HMS z odv. Petrom Čeferinom. Večkrat smo ga prosili za kratke telefonske pravne nasvete za stranke HMS. Nazadnje sem ga podpisana predsednica HMS prosila za pravni nasvet, ko sem bila leta 2005 osumljena in obdolžena v zadevi Holmec in je stekel kazenski postopek proti meni. V svoji odvetniški pisarni mi je odv. Peter Čeferin še pred prvo obravnavo povedal, da me bo zastopal pro bono, čeprav sem dobila iz New Yorka zagotovilo za plačilo odvetnika. Zraven mi je Peter Čeferin vnaprej rekel, da bom obsojena klevetništva zaradi od RTV posnetega in predvajanega streljanja treh vojakov JLA, ki so se predali, a HMS je vložil ovadbo zoper neznanega storilca, ki je streljal na vojne ujetnike, zato je vprašanje, kako naj bi neznanega storilca HMS klevetal. Nadalje je Peter Čeferin povedal, da se bomo pritožili, a ne bo uspelo in bom potem bila pod nadzorom, za vsebino javnih nastopanj v prihodnosti se bom morala vsakič posvetovati z njim. Pooblastilo za zastopanje v procesu proti meni naj mu pošljem naslednji dan. Na HMS se s politiko nismo ukvarjali, a me je odv. Peter Čeferin na koncu še vprašal, če sem zadovoljna, »ko je sedaj na oblasti moja politična opcija«, t.j. Janez Janša. 

Pooblastila Petru Čeferinu nisem poslala. Očitno je bilo, da se je Čeferin  z naročnikom procesa proti meni dogovoril, da bom zagotovo obsojena v političnem montiranem procesu zaradi verbalnega delikta. Tako me je odv. Peter Čeferin naslednjega dne po telefonu nadrl, ker ni dobil pooblastila za zastopanje, s katerim bi me Čeferin dal obsoditi po Kučanovem planu. Odv. Čeferin mi je zato rekel, naj ga več ne sprašujemo za pravne nasvete za stranke HMS. Znano nam je še nekaj primerov, ko je odv. Čeferin zavozil obrambo strank, da so bile po političnem planu obsojene. 

Še hujše pa so reference odv. Petra Čeferina iz leta 1983, pred osamosvojitvijo, ko je bil sekretar Odvetniške zbornice Slovenije in je podpisal priloženi dokument kot odgovor na vlogo Franca Miklavčiča, mojega očeta, za vpis v register odvetnikov. V zavrnilnem odgovoru je odv. Peter Čeferin zapisal,  da »Franc Miklavčič ni vreden zaupanja« kot obsojenec v političnem procesu 1976 na 5 let in 8 mesecev strogega zapora zaradi svojega članka »Politična laž ali zgodovinska resnica« objavljenega v slovenski zamejski reviji Zaliv decembra 1975. V članku je kot partizan nastopil proti povojnemu poboju okoli 12000 vojnih ujetnikov domobrancev, kar je vojni zločin po Ženevski konvenciji. Poleg tega se je v svojih dnevniških zapiskih zavzemal za osamosvojitev Slovenije. Skratka, Franc Miklavčič je edini v Sloveniji bil obsojen zaradi zavzemanja za javno obravnavo in razčiščenje povojnih pobojev domobrancev. Prav tako je sodnik Franc Miklavčič edini v Sloveniji,  ki je bil obsojen na zaporno kazen zaradi zamisli osamosvojitve Slovenije in je še danes ob 100 letnici rojstva v ukazani popolni medijski blokadi, ker ni bil eden od njih, in ni bil član komunistične partije zato ker ni bil ateist, ker ni gojil kulta Titove osebnosti. Bil je krščanski socialist, partizan, kakršne je v partizanih pogosto zadela »tovariška krogla«. 

Če že govorimo o družinskih klanih, ki so bili še v Jugoslaviji hvaljeni, gojeni, določeni za uspeh je recept za zanesljiv uspeh v Sloveniji ugajanje Milanu Kučanu, izvajanje njegovih navodil. Odv. Peter Čeferin je v Grosuplju po osamosvojitvi zastopal tudi oficirje JLA za pokojnine, stanovanja, stalno bivanje in državljanstvo, kamor so vložili svoje življenjske prihranke. Nato pa so obubožani prišli na HMS, ki jih je rešil z manevrom pri Kučanu, saj je  Čeferin tudi te spore je vse izgubljal. 

Imamo primere, kjer je Čeferin naročeno izgubljal spore, na primer kazenski postopek zoper Mileno Močivnik zaradi lažnega mučenja živali. V ta postopek je odv. Peter Čeferin poslal svojega odvetnika Sršena, ki ni delal drugega kot kadil med odmori, ni hotel zagotoviti niti zaslišanja Mileninih prič in je zato Milena bila nezakonito, kriminalno  obsojena. Skratka, Peter Čeferin je delal vse, kar so oblasti od njega pričakovale. To je bil recept uspeha, ne pa za stranke uspešni postopki. Peter Čeferin se ni branil pomagati v političnem čarovniškem procesu zoper Mileno Močivnik, mučenico in žrtev starih partijskih struktur. Zastopanje Milene Močivnik je sprejel, kljub pogromu nad njenim zavetiščem z zapuščene živali. Očitno ni imel namena, da jo reši lažnih obtožb, saj bi morala biti oproščena. Čeferinov odvetnik Sršen je namenoma peljal zadevo v obsodbo, vem iz prve roke kot pooblaščenka na HMS in kot predlagana priča.

Čeferinov rezultat v današnjem času lepo opisuje intervju v Nedelu »Hvala Bogu, da jo imam« (svojo partnerico). Tukaj je vsega, celo naenkrat nekaj boga, pa veliko udobja, bogastva, neverjetne ljubezni in soglasja, vsakršnega sodelovanja in aktivnosti. Tudi rojalizem je, jokali so, ko je umrl princ Filip, znani masonski ljubitelj otrok. 

Kdo bi si mislil, Peter Čeferin zagovarja »žvižgače«, menda Kučanovega kolesarja. Leta 1983 je kot fanatični partijski aktivist onemogočil advokaturo disidentu, komunističnemu konviktu,  pravemu žvižgaču Francu Miklavčiču. Leta 2006 je hotel zahrbtno potopiti branilko človekovih pravic,  pravo žvižgačico Nevo Miklavčič Predan, a sedaj na stara leta so ga same človekove pravice in blagodejno ravnanje. Čas je, da se karkoli drugega in popolnoma drugačnega o Čeferinu pozabi. Pozabi naj se tudi na vse Čeferinove žrtve kot stopnice do njegovega naročenega uspeha. 

Ne gre samo za to, da so določene skupine s Titom naprej dobile velike privilegije, ki jih je Kučan uspel zadržati zase in za svoje lastne ubogljive častilce. Lahko je udobno živeti, če ti kar naprej vzklikajo »bravo«, ti delijo nagrade,  dodatke, plače, pokojnine in honorarje. Po Titovem vzoru Kučan še v samostojni Sloveniji nadaljuje z izobčenstvom in preganjanjem Titovih sovražnikov države do sodnega dne. Gre za Tito-Kučanovo državo, demokracijo, vladavino prava, ki za sabo pušča svoje privatne žrtve premagance, ki so jih zvozili na račun uzurpacije, nezakonite uporabe, zlorabe državnega sistema, institucij. Gre za zlorabo uradnega položaja, ali celo brez uradnega položaja, kot sedaj pri upokojenem Kučanu. Gre za načrtno, eksistenčno ogrožanje izobčenih s krivimi sodbami, sodnimi stroški, izvršbami, preprečevanjem donacij, obrekovanjem, klevetništvom, popolno medijsko cenzuro, blokado. 

Za tiste, ki nimajo izkušenj državnega izobčenstva, nenehnega preganjanja, je treba povedati, da ima tip Tito-Kučanove države dodatno izvežbane mehanizme, razdora družine izobčenega, kot domači Goli otok, v katerega se prihulijo člani družine, ki hočejo priti do svojega boljšega kruha in se hitro otresejo izobčenega člana družine, ga še sami napadejo in se za honorar pridružijo Udbi in za plačo v državni službi. Prav to se je zgodilo v družini sodnika Franca Miklavčiča, kjer je dvoje njegovih potomcev zahrbtno igralo in še igra izdajalce in roparje svojega očeta. Vendar tukaj smo tisti, ki smo na njegovi strani – »vse dokler borba traja« (Bojan Panaotović, direktor novosadskega kulturnega centra). To je borba za prostor pod soncem, ki ga Tito-Kučanova »demokracija« drugim odreka. 

To so za današnje čase stari mehanizmi našega nemega predsednika, ki nima govorov, ki kot pravnik ne uporablja pravnih sredstev, ki se ne konfrontira javno, z argumenti.    

Aleksander Čeferin, »Delova osebnost leta 2021, predsednik Evropske nogometne zveze, je aktivni državljan Slovenije, ki  je jasno in glasno stopil v bran pravni državi«, ima težaven mandat prav v času, ko nogometni igralci in drugi športniki med tekmami padajo po igriščih mrtvi ali onesposobljeni od cepiv (izidorpredan.si). Ali bo Aleksander Čeferin lahko ukrepal proti pogubnim cepivom, ali pa ne bo več nogometa in za to fazo športa uničevalci potrebujejo Slovana na čelu Evropske nogometne zveze. 

Preveč domačnosti, družinskih vezi, nepotizmov, dvojnih penzij, proračunskih pisarn, pravni državi škoduje, ohranja kontinuiteto starih političnih sil in njihove samoumevne privilegije, položaje in službe družbenih izbrancev. Na ta način se vzdržuje negativna selekcija in zelo nizki, nikakršni strokovni standardi. Novi, sposobni ljudje ne pridejo zraven. Zato tudi je tako, da županu Zoranu Jankoviću  izvršb ni treba plačati in se izvršbe, kazenski postopki zoper njega kar ustavijo. Izvaja pa župan Zoran Janković nezakonite deložacije MOL-ovih dolžnikov, po njegovih dvoličnih dvojnih merilih. Ne samo to, z MOL-om si Zoran Janković prisvaja parkirišča, dvorišča, parke in igrišča blokov. Otrokom na dvoriščih blokov nekaznovano krade igrala, gugalnice, tobogane, vrtiljake, imamo dokaze. Zoran Janković enostavno izda nalog Voki da igrala odmontira in odpelje. Neustavljivi Zoran Janković bi prav tako zelo rad zrušil Plečnikov Stadion za Bežigradom, uničil okolico, edinstvene vrtove Fondovih blokov. Ali mu bomo to res pustili?

                                                                                                       Neva Miklavčič Predan
                                                                                                       predsednica HMS  

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